Social Media What?

YouTubers, Podcaster, Instagramers, Facebook Groups and Bloggers are all Social Medias and are welcome at the Las Vegas International Pipe Show.  You are so welcome at our show that we are setting aside a couple tables for use free of charge.  These tables will have electrical plug-ins and some simple lights for you to do your social media with the show behind you. Limited access to high-speed internet at no charge for Live Streaming.

Reach out to us to schedule your time at the Social Media Studio. This is a perfect chance for you to do pipe reviews, interview pipe makers, interview industry people, interview pipe collectors and meet many of your followers.

Email Brian to secure your spot on the schedule now.

Saturday, October 12th:


4:00 PM to 5:00 PM Tom Kuhn Pipes, Tobaccos & Whiskey

5:00 PM to Close Mike Murphy & Master Of Pipes – Jay Furman  The Pipe and Tamper Podcast

Sunday, October 13th:


*Please Note: Everyone will be required to have a valid paid admission to the show!

*All times listed are PDT or Vegas Time Baby!


If you have further questions email:

Brian Levine at

Dave Peterson at