What Is Room Hopping?

The idea of “Room Hopping” may be new to some of you.  Room Hopping is where some sellers, collectors or groups open up their hotel room to anyone stopping by.  This is how you might get a first shot at pipes for sale, vintage tobaccos available, meet up with old friends or make new friends. Share some of your favorite blends or drinks.

These rooms will all be located on the 14th floor of the hotel.  You must be a registered guest of the hotel although because the incredible response to this years show, we are working with the hotel for non-Palace Station guests to get access.  If you are interested in getting a room on the 14th floor, please be willing to have the room open for hopping and contact Dave Peterson at the email below after making your standard reservation.

Not staying at the Palace Station?  You can get to the 14th floor if you ride the elevator with a friend that is a registered guest or we will have a limited number of “elevator passes” that you can get from either Brian or Dave.

Note: While we cannot list the exact room numbers of each room available for hopping, we will provide a list below of the groups, people or sellers that have rooms allocated to the 14th.  The exact times rooms are open are entirely up to the room renter entirely.  Look for a propped open door or a small sign on the door. Thursday, Friday and Sunday will be popular evenings for room hopping.


List of Rooms:

Dave Peterson – Las Vegas International Pipe Show Hospitality Suite


Bisgaard Pipes – Mads Malloe

Brad Pohlmann & Silver Gray

Dr. Bob’s Pipes

Vermont Freehand

Carl Staudenmyer

Lone Star Briar Works 

Cayman Unterborn

The Pipe Tart

The Pipe Divas – Saturday at 9:00 PM Room TBA

Plus More!!!!!



If you have further questions email:

Brian Levine at bl.levine@hotmail.com

Dave Peterson at dave_vegaspipeshow@yahoo.com